Our Services

Our knowledge and areas of expertise are combined
with the following elements to create a truly concierge
approach to investing.

> Customer Experience

Galvanized Holdings believes the key to a good experience is building strong relationships with our clients. We seek to exceed expectations while remaining professional and humble at all times. We know that your trust is earned and we commit to the following at all times in our business dealings:

●  Respecting your time

●  Keeping your information confidential

●  Listening to your needs to guide our approach

●  Prompt response and service

As an investor we recognize that you are faced with a broad universe of investment options, we seek to help you find quality investments and simplify the overall investment process.

> Due Diligence

Galvanized Holdings conducts thorough investment & operational due diligence on our investments and the sponsors with whom we work. We believe it is imperative that we are the foremost expert on our partners in the marketplace, so we invest the time upfront. Our Due Diligence process includes reviewing:

●  Firm and Principal background research

●  Key-man risk

●  Legal documents

●  Financial records

●  Operational process review

●  Investment history / track record

> Investment Sourcing

Galvanized Holdings reputation and credibility are based on maintaining very high standards for investments we make. We seek to partner with investment sponsors and operating partners who possess the following characteristics:

●  Investment Managers with stellar reputations, history of success, and strong investment acumen

●  Strong risk-adjusted returns with performance persistence

●  Definable, repeatable, and scalable investment processes

●  Conservative risk controls and operational stability

●  History of strong investor relations and appropriate LP protections

●  Industry research business validation

> Continued Service

Galvanized Holdings knows that helping you make an investment is just the beginning of the relationship. We actively continue to monitor our investments and partners to provide the highest probability of success and believe in transparency in sharing current performance . We desire to not only be of assistance on your current needs, but to be your trusted resource for your private placement needs going forward.

●  Ongoing investment updates

●  Ongoing investment reviews

●  Quarterly distributions (if/ when part of the business plan)

●  Quarterly updates

●  Annual statements of account value

●  We endeavor to have K-1’s distributed by March 15th

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