Our Mission

Galvanized Holdings’ mission is to provide our investors access to real estate and private equity investments that offer strong, risk-adjusted returns – while also bettering the communities in which they exist and the people they serve.

We believe in leading a life of meaning and look beyond the investment to the community and the impact our investments have on that community. Of course, we are also stewards of our investor’s capital and must strive to achieve the returns required by our investors.

To this extent, we recognize that our investments, whether it be a developing a real estate parcel, rebranding a business, or repurposing an existing building, may result in temporary disruptions to the people working at those locations. As such, it is our mission to identify and develop those
opportunities within Opportunity Zones with the strongest after-tax, risk adjusted returns -AND- with a commitment to assist any individuals that are affected by a project in which we are involved.

To further this mission, Galvanize Holdings offers the following resources to assist those disrupted by our investments:


Merit-based Scholarship Opportunities funded by Galvanized Holdings. These scholarships are targeted towards the employees of our fund-owned locations and residents of the Opportunity Zones where we operate.


We seek to hire from the Opportunity Zone communities where we operate. We feel new businesses or real estate developments are only a portion of the benefit to a community - the residents must also have access to the jobs created.


In rare circumstances where a resident will be displaced by a new business, we will help provide housing locator services. We believe it is important to help residents stay in the community they call home and ensure their children's education is uninterrupted.

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