True wealth can be created through time, patience, and
strong after-tax returns.

Over a lifetime, investing dollars with a focus on after-tax
returns can dramatically improve the financial results of that lifetime.
Galvanized Holdings can help you build a legacy for your family.

Congress’ recently created Opportunity Zone Program has created

tremendous opportunities to create such strong after-tax returns by

offering significant tax benefits for investing in operating companies and

real estate in certain regions of the United States. The chart below shows just

how amplified the after-tax returns can be in only 10 years versus an

investment taxed using the traditional tax methodologies.

Stock Fund vs OZ Fund

*The chart above shows the ​after-tax​ net gains of a Stocks Fund compared to an Opportunity Zone Fund. For this example we are showing the gains from a $100,000 investment over a 10-Year period compounding at 8%.

Our Areas of Expertise

1031 Exchanges

Our team offers Concierge 1031

Exchange Services.

We help to simplify the entire process.

Opportunity Zone Investment

Our Opportunity Zone Funds invest in select OZ’s

with strong growth prospects to stimulate under-developed areas profitably & tax efficiently.

3rd Party Capital Placement

Our team will take your investment

needs and source quality

investment options.

Social Impact

Our team endeavors to have Opportunity Zone Fund’s investments better the community and the people of that community.

Private Equity

Our Opportunity Zone Funds invest not just in the Real Estate of an Opportunity Zone, but also seek investment into the area’s businesses.

Real Estate

Our Opportunity Zone Funds focus on Real Estate development in select Opportunity Zones that meet our stringent criteria.

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